Finally … I am back

Apologize for the long suspended time
Due to Covid-19 isolation (I had blocked at 600 km of my lab) AND due to the broken AS5002T and the lost of data …

I am back and try to restart … all … after a battle with the hardware, I have an unstable but running AS5002T.
Due to user request I have started by rebuild new version (totally) for Domoticz on ALL platforms (with a true auto-update) and Filezilla on Asportal … the two build under Ubuntu focal (20.04 L.T.S) for long term support.
NOW … I will restart working on myHD … I have to rebuild lot of things (and do multiple save … ).
I have provide a workaround for user using HDMI-CEC adapter … and introduce it in next release.

So please be patient … I am a “old” (all is relative) man unfortunately directly in the target of the Covid-19 … so I am oblige to respect the rules (very complete in France), for me but also for others people.

Hope I can inform you soon with news … I work as possible to go fast.


Loss of my NAS x86_64

Unfortunately, my Asustor NAS x86_64 (AS5002T) is broken and large part of my data (including development platform) are lost.
And to complete, the NAS use as backup in another place have lost 2 disks of the Raid5 … so without possibility to get back a copy of the data lost.

It’s months of works lost, this particularly impacts myHD, all MH-xxx companion applications, Domoticz, OctoPrint, etc. etc.

I will start a long period (if i have the courage) to try recovering the data, then get a solution for the broken NAS, then restart to build lost weeks of work …