Hi from confinement area

Hi, all …

Some news :
After a makeshift repair … my AS5002T is on again … (no idea for how long)
after a long time to recover as I can (my external backup are also out)
Octoprint 1.4 and new APKG will be ready for delivery
… add multi-user; multi-printer at same time; multi-webcam; multi-python support (2 and 3) … so a more versatile approach with a better usage of the power available with a NAS.
myHD restart of the new version (hopefully I have not lost my mind)
… replace Asportal by a more versatile interface BUT keep running Asportal Applications WITHOUT any change AND add support for LOT of applications requesting a top bar and using desktop button (like close, minimize, etc.) support also multi-tasks.

For your information, I am not in my home & lab … due to coronavirus I am confined at 600 kms of my lab (but with VPN) and can’t go back for the moment in France.
So be patient and keep you protected.