10 thoughts on “Hello Asustor NAS users”

  1. Hello Philippe. Hope you get well soon. Followed your work on asustor forum and now here. Excited to see what will be the next step.

    Greets Peter.

        1. Hi,
          Which application ?
          And nothing is outrageous … as I remember, I never be “outraged” by anything … 🙂
          … if I don’t have any return (so like application is not used) … I don’t do an update
          … but, for ex. when somebody require to update domoticz (and auto-update not work) … I try to solve the problem A.S.A.P.

          So don’t hesitate to inform me of the application you want and if they don’t work …


  2. Hello Phillipe
    Unfortunately, I’m not a pro like you. I just want Kodi on my Asustor NAS.
    I have the two apk, myHD_0.9.4_x86-64 and MH-kodi18_18.1_x86-64 installed, but now I need a username and password. That of my NAS does not fit.
    Do I really need to install Ubuntu before and if so which and how? These are louder iso files. How can I get it installed on the NAS?
    Thank you in advance for your help !!!

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