New MH-apkg format

With next myHD version we introduce differentiator between Ubuntu environment supported by MH-apkg (companion application to myHD)
MH-apkg … are for all Ubuntu (1604 or 1804) it’s generally because we use the software and dependency provide by Ubuntu repository.
MH18-apkg … are ONLY for Ubuntu 18.04 (ex. when require libraries are not available in 16.04 or recompilation are necessary for software available only as source code).
MH16-apkg … idem but ONLY for 16.04.

Due to change in name … in case of update from old MH-xxx and new MH18(or 16)-xxx, you are invited to remove the old MH-xxx after you install the new one (only for Plex Media Player at this time).


myHD 0.9.4 will be out very soon


This update :
… solve minor bugs and clean code
ADD a new functionality (beta) to be able to add temporary folder to myHD dynamically WITHOUT need to restart myHD (temporary, because it is not keep after a restart of myHD ).
… … The target is for ex. to have access to a new USB key (or disk) connected to the NAS … Asustor generate a mount in /share (unfortunately with generic name (not label)) … so now you can ADD this new share without restarting myHD .
… … I used sshfs ; so this imply :
… … … in A.D.M. to have ssh / sftp configured (any port)
… … … in myHD (1604 env.) to install sshfs (already done in 18.04 env.)
… … … do : myHD_root /usr/bin/apt-get -y install sshfs before using this new functionality.


myHD Ubuntu 18.04 available (this week May 11,12 2019)

Hi, I am please to inform you that myHD now support Ubuntu 18.04
18.04 L.T.S. can be installed (default for new install) as a fresh one
if 16.04 is already installed in parallel … with a switch command to change version use by myHD.

Ubuntu 18.04 require to update myHD (if already installed) to v. 0.9.3 before installing the 18.04 near existing 16.04.
After updating, you can use : myHD switch_ubuntu_env 1804 (or 1604)
if 18.04 (or 16.04) is not installed … the installation start (so be patient)

You can use the pre-load script to download the Ubuntu 18.04 env. before switching or installing … to reduce the elapse time.

ALL previous Application (rebuild for 18.04) are available … kodi18 (/17), PlexMediaPlayer 2.33.0 (new), etc.