APKG Script-Server

I am please to announce the availability for ALL platform of script-server APKG
Script-Server is managed by Iaroslav Shepilov (aka bugy)

Script-server is a Web UI for scripts.

As an administrator, you add your existing scripts into Script server and other users would be able to execute them via a web interface. The UI is very straightforward and can be used by non-tech people.

No script modifications are needed – you configure each script in Script server and it creates the corresponding UI with parameters and takes care of validation, execution, etc.


  • Different types of script parameters (text, flag, dropdown, file upload, etc.)
  • Real-time script output
  • Users can send input during script execution
  • Auth (optional): LDAP, Google OAuth, htpasswd file
  • Access control
  • Alerts
  • Logging and auditing
  • Formatted output support (colors, styles, cursor positioning, clearing)
  • Download of script output files
  • Execution history
  • Admin page for script configuration

Download from Asustor Forum (up to accepted by AppCentral validation process)


Back Again

At end of 2020 …I fall in health problem (not covid) and stop activities for 2 months .
I am back again (after confinement at a long distance of my NAS and health) … Now I restart (step by step) my works.

1 I solve problem on this blog (database in read only)
so now you can register again and get news and more.
2 I finish integration of script-server for ALL Asustor NAS platform.
3 I restart evolution of myHD (migration to Ubuntu focal) and support of new software.

So be patient …