APKG Script-Server

I am please to announce the availability for ALL platform of script-server APKG
Script-Server is managed by Iaroslav Shepilov (aka bugy)

Script-server is a Web UI for scripts.

As an administrator, you add your existing scripts into Script server and other users would be able to execute them via a web interface. The UI is very straightforward and can be used by non-tech people.

No script modifications are needed – you configure each script in Script server and it creates the corresponding UI with parameters and takes care of validation, execution, etc.


  • Different types of script parameters (text, flag, dropdown, file upload, etc.)
  • Real-time script output
  • Users can send input during script execution
  • Auth (optional): LDAP, Google OAuth, htpasswd file
  • Access control
  • Alerts
  • Logging and auditing
  • Formatted output support (colors, styles, cursor positioning, clearing)
  • Download of script output files
  • Execution history
  • Admin page for script configuration

Download from Asustor Forum (up to accepted by AppCentral validation process)


Back Again

At end of 2020 …I fall in health problem (not covid) and stop activities for 2 months .
I am back again (after confinement at a long distance of my NAS and health) … Now I restart (step by step) my works.

1 I solve problem on this blog (database in read only)
so now you can register again and get news and more.
2 I finish integration of script-server for ALL Asustor NAS platform.
3 I restart evolution of myHD (migration to Ubuntu focal) and support of new software.

So be patient …

Finally … I am back

Apologize for the long suspended time
Due to Covid-19 isolation (I had blocked at 600 km of my lab) AND due to the broken AS5002T and the lost of data …

I am back and try to restart … all … after a battle with the hardware, I have an unstable but running AS5002T.
Due to user request I have started by rebuild new version (totally) for Domoticz on ALL platforms (with a true auto-update) and Filezilla on Asportal … the two build under Ubuntu focal (20.04 L.T.S) for long term support.
NOW … I will restart working on myHD … I have to rebuild lot of things (and do multiple save … ).
I have provide a workaround for user using HDMI-CEC adapter … and introduce it in next release.

So please be patient … I am a “old” (all is relative) man unfortunately directly in the target of the Covid-19 … so I am oblige to respect the rules (very complete in France), for me but also for others people.

Hope I can inform you soon with news … I work as possible to go fast.


Hi from confinement area

Hi, all …

Some news :
After a makeshift repair … my AS5002T is on again … (no idea for how long)
after a long time to recover as I can (my external backup are also out)
Octoprint 1.4 and new APKG will be ready for delivery
… add multi-user; multi-printer at same time; multi-webcam; multi-python support (2 and 3) … so a more versatile approach with a better usage of the power available with a NAS.
myHD restart of the new version (hopefully I have not lost my mind)
… replace Asportal by a more versatile interface BUT keep running Asportal Applications WITHOUT any change AND add support for LOT of applications requesting a top bar and using desktop button (like close, minimize, etc.) support also multi-tasks.

For your information, I am not in my home & lab … due to coronavirus I am confined at 600 kms of my lab (but with VPN) and can’t go back for the moment in France.
So be patient and keep you protected.


Loss of my NAS x86_64

Unfortunately, my Asustor NAS x86_64 (AS5002T) is broken and large part of my data (including development platform) are lost.
And to complete, the NAS use as backup in another place have lost 2 disks of the Raid5 … so without possibility to get back a copy of the data lost.

It’s months of works lost, this particularly impacts myHD, all MH-xxx companion applications, Domoticz, OctoPrint, etc. etc.

I will start a long period (if i have the courage) to try recovering the data, then get a solution for the broken NAS, then restart to build lost weeks of work …


1 month later …


Somme news … just after my last message (Nov. 11) …
I was distracted by an unexpected birthday present, a 3D printer, so I “plunged” into this new challenge, and left out myHD.
I have integrated in my NAS a set of tools to manage 3D printer and create an APKG (OctoPrint).
Now for this new year … accept my best wishes … I restart myHD change.

I will be back with news as soon as possible.


Changing strategy …

Long delay from my last post … sorry
I fall in lot of problems associated to Asportal (too limited / minimalist Windows Manager (Evilwm)) and the lack of document about remote control (even workaround exist).
I have decide to change my strategy :
Quit Evilwm to use Openbox (light also but very configurable)
… … adding decoration and top buttons, solve problem with lot of applications.
Add task bar / systray to support application with background task
Add an Icon Desktop Interface (GUI) to keep partially a view “like Asportal” to select and launch application
Support WITHOUT change Asportal existing applications
… Support also myHD applications as well
… Support new myHD applications needing new desktop environment
BUT without changing Asustor Xorg, to don’t have to manage each series / models .

I have a running environment, and works on packaging them in myHD as an extension to actual myHD.

I hope to be able to propose Beta in few weeks (1 or 2 even I have some travel to do … so perhaps 3 or 4).


MH-stremio available soon

MH-stremio 4.452 will be available soon
Problems :
NO button bar (close / minimize / size), so NO close button to leave stremio, I have replaced it by a keyboard control key (<CRTL>x)
So … keyboard is mandatory to used stremio
Install is long (12 minutes on AS5002T) and lock Ubuntu during some seconds, due to APKG timeout and Asportal timeout (80 sec.), the install will be done in background and a message is displayed on screen (auto-close after 10 sec) during the install phase. BE PATIENT.
Also Asportal on mouse move put app. (so message) in full screen … OK button is in bottom right.
waiting message


myHD 1.0.1 available

myHD 1.0.1 is available on Asustor Forum
Solve a problem with some A.D.M. version generating an error at myHD start ( ‘0’ is not a valid user )
Add support for shared resource (to share with myHD) with name containing space and some special characters, this is solved in command line and in the WebUI, BUT please use as possible folder name without special characters and for space you can use “_” .
Update “myHD Web Store” management to show you ONLY companion APKG (MHxxxx) compatible with the Ubuntu version used (16.04 or 18.04 (default now)).
… updating or uninstall / reinstall (using AppCentral) myHD keep your Ubuntu env., software, personal settings and data.
ONLY using internal myHD command is able to really remove all.
… using “myHD Web Store” for installing companion APKG do a replacement/update, if APKG is already installed and a fresh install if not.


myHD 1.0 announcement

After a … long delay myHD 1.0 is now available for fresh install or update

Changelog :
Rewrite of ~ 1000 lines of code (new and update)
1) rewrite of kernel modules management
2) Adding color in WebUI to have a better output and to be compliant with command line tool.
3) Add internal AUTORUN mechanism. If Autorun is not configured in Asportal then myHD autorun will be used if defined (added also in WebUI) this AUTORUN is to avoid race condition due to start of Asportal autorun before myHD was started.
4) Add basic myHD companion applications store, you can now list from my Web site, the list of ALL MH-xxx, MH16-xxx or MH18-xxx application available for myHD (no need to search in the Forum). You can also download and install them directly (Enable/Disable/Remove stay in App. Center) this function exist in myHD command line and WebUI.
5) MAJOR change now myHD use it’s own linux loader and libc (Asustor delivery have some missing namespace functions), THIS OPEN the change in point 6.
6) MAJOR change now enter as root or user in myHD is done by default using namespace attach function, ssh is keep for compatibility and for some very few command requiring a tty (even workaround is easy). THIS open lot of new possibilities including the use of sudo or su to root user from astr user. New command myHD_root_ssh and myHD_user_ssh have been added.
7) A new Jinit mode is possible BUT ONLY for Ubuntu 18.04 experts, this mode replace chroot starting a bash script (actual mode) by starting a true full systemd init … it’s in ALPHA only for a problem with audio, I think it’s my fault, but I don’t identify it for now.
Switching to init mode or reverse to bash mode don’t break your Ubuntu and no more your applications … BUT I repeat it’s only an ALPHA version, all start as expected, but audio.
8) as usual I try to solve lot of small bugs

Download will be available on Asustor forum