Changing strategy …

Long delay from my last post … sorry
I fall in lot of problems associated to Asportal (too limited / minimalist Windows Manager (Evilwm)) and the lack of document about remote control (even workaround exist).
I have decide to change my strategy :
Quit Evilwm to use Openbox (light also but very configurable)
… … adding decoration and top buttons, solve problem with lot of applications.
Add task bar / systray to support application with background task
Add an Icon Desktop Interface (GUI) to keep partially a view “like Asportal” to select and launch application
Support WITHOUT change Asportal existing applications
… Support also myHD applications as well
… Support new myHD applications needing new desktop environment
BUT without changing Asustor Xorg, to don’t have to manage each series / models .

I have a running environment, and works on packaging them in myHD as an extension to actual myHD.

I hope to be able to propose Beta in few weeks (1 or 2 even I have some travel to do … so perhaps 3 or 4).