myHD 1.0 announcement

After a … long delay myHD 1.0 is now available for fresh install or update

Changelog :
Rewrite of ~ 1000 lines of code (new and update)
1) rewrite of kernel modules management
2) Adding color in WebUI to have a better output and to be compliant with command line tool.
3) Add internal AUTORUN mechanism. If Autorun is not configured in Asportal then myHD autorun will be used if defined (added also in WebUI) this AUTORUN is to avoid race condition due to start of Asportal autorun before myHD was started.
4) Add basic myHD companion applications store, you can now list from my Web site, the list of ALL MH-xxx, MH16-xxx or MH18-xxx application available for myHD (no need to search in the Forum). You can also download and install them directly (Enable/Disable/Remove stay in App. Center) this function exist in myHD command line and WebUI.
5) MAJOR change now myHD use it’s own linux loader and libc (Asustor delivery have some missing namespace functions), THIS OPEN the change in point 6.
6) MAJOR change now enter as root or user in myHD is done by default using namespace attach function, ssh is keep for compatibility and for some very few command requiring a tty (even workaround is easy). THIS open lot of new possibilities including the use of sudo or su to root user from astr user. New command myHD_root_ssh and myHD_user_ssh have been added.
7) A new Jinit mode is possible BUT ONLY for Ubuntu 18.04 experts, this mode replace chroot starting a bash script (actual mode) by starting a true full systemd init … it’s in ALPHA only for a problem with audio, I think it’s my fault, but I don’t identify it for now.
Switching to init mode or reverse to bash mode don’t break your Ubuntu and no more your applications … BUT I repeat it’s only an ALPHA version, all start as expected, but audio.
8) as usual I try to solve lot of small bugs

Download will be available on Asustor forum