myHD 1.0 teaser

After a long time, I come back for some news

myHD new in v. 1.0
— solve some bugs (ex. if ssh keys are already existing)
— Add a new auto run mechanism internal to myHD to avoid problem with Asportal one, can works only if NO auto run application is defined in Asportal.
— ADD new approach to launch applications in myHD WITHOUT ssh, but using direct name space enter reattach method. This require to forgot libc provide by Asustor (old and incomplete) and use private libraries (totally transparent for users)
— ADD a Beta (for 18.04 version) to stop using simple bash chroot in myHD to move to a FULL Ubuntu 18.04 init using systemd for myHD, This resolve lot of problems attached to limitations ex. actually su or sudo is not possible from astr user (standard non root user) … now it’s possible, so Now you can manage myHD from MH-test APKG (X terminal) and use su to be root.