myHD 1.0.1 available

myHD 1.0.1 is available on Asustor Forum
Solve a problem with some A.D.M. version generating an error at myHD start ( ‘0’ is not a valid user )
Add support for shared resource (to share with myHD) with name containing space and some special characters, this is solved in command line and in the WebUI, BUT please use as possible folder name without special characters and for space you can use “_” .
Update “myHD Web Store” management to show you ONLY companion APKG (MHxxxx) compatible with the Ubuntu version used (16.04 or 18.04 (default now)).
… updating or uninstall / reinstall (using AppCentral) myHD keep your Ubuntu env., software, personal settings and data.
ONLY using internal myHD command is able to really remove all.
… using “myHD Web Store” for installing companion APKG do a replacement/update, if APKG is already installed and a fresh install if not.